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There are many types of Motorsport and there are many names for Autocrossing – Gymkhana – Slalom – Solodex – Solo 2 – whatever you wish to call it – it is great fun to be involved with. Autocross competitions often feature winning finishes that are decided by just a thousandth of a second.

Whether it is a local “relaxed” competition event – or “full on” Professional Level Motorsport Event – where a National or International Championship is on the line – Autocrossing will provide lots of enjoyment. You decide how competitive you wish to be.

Since you can start doing Auto Slalom by using your own street driven car – there are few barriers to entering your first Motorsport Competition – with Autocrossing.

If you would like you can use it as a stepping stone to other Motorsport events – be it Rally Racing – Time Attack – Road Racing – Drag Racing – or whatever form of Motorsport you may wish.

Many have used their Autocrossing experience to go on to other forms of Auto Racing Competition. Others find this a very affordable form of Auto Racing and find that “Racing” around pylons on a timed closed course – and pitting themselves against other great competitors along with the great camaraderie that a Gymkhana type of event affords is exactly what they enjoy most.